Great alternative to Campfire

group chat app

Campfire is a great group chat application and we totally agree with us. But lets say we want to quick setup a team, chat and dispose off that chat…there isn’t a great solution out there…till now. Introducing, Tlk2me – a simple, easy to use, group chat application. Its fast (almost close to machine language), very simple and easy to use, and most of all – its very disposable.

Lets say your friend has created a chat room and you want to join them. Type in your nick name and type the room your friend has created and start yapping away. If you want to discuss quickly on any important projects, simply create a hard to remember room name like “skjcKNSKJJw1392920”.

Thats quite hard to guess and no one would dare join your room name until you spread the word. Last 100 chat messages of that particular room will always be available for late comers who want to know what was going on before they joined in. Its all web-based so you don’t need to worry about download and installing any software. We are planning to encrypt the chats so they are always passed over HTTPS (secure) connection.

It auto links youtube videos so you can play videos right within the chat window. We also have various emotions available for you to use. There are no sign ups, no logins, just simply type your name and start chatting. Let us know what you think.

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