Cheap Point of Sale Software for your business

Recently, we had a client who started selling casual wear and was looking for a point of sale software. See the market prices shocked us as nothing was below a minimum of $3000. That amount of money won’t get you the hardware either, its just the software price. So when starting a new business, you want to keep your startup costs as low as possible and buying POS software doesn’t help. Point of Sale software is a real necessity for retailers and adds great benefits by making your accountants job easier, your job easier and stock management a breeze. So what should you do?

Well, we found a cheaper alternative that saves you $2900. Its called the PHP Point of Sale. PHP stands for a programming language and it contains lot of essential features that you’ll enjoy using. Here are some of those essential features…

Inventory Management – rack inventory, receiving, and suppliers with detailed, up-to-date information.

Analyse your Data – PHP Point of Sale offers a wide array of powerful reporting features that allow you to track your sales and customer information in real time.

Support – They offer excellent technical support. You will never be left stranded with our comprehensive online forum and one-on-one support.

Security – Their online hosted solution guarantees you’ll spend more time focusing on what matters. They take care of all your security and backup needs.

Options – PHP Point of Sale is customizable. Easily configure features to match your business needs.

Easy Installation – Their automated setup couldn’t be easier. Installation and updates are a breeze.

Check it out and let us know if you would like us to install and configure it for you. You can use this for small business as well as medium business with no problems at all.

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