Misconceptions of Online Marketing For a B2B Business

Technological innovations are likely to drive the marketing performance for businesses using online marketing. Right now, a majority of B2B marketers is trying to connect metrics from different reporting tool to understand the performance of their website. Here are a few misconceptions in the analysis of marketing performance for B2B marketers.

If the traffic is down every week, then performance must be down

Before drawing a conclusion that the performance of the whole marketing campaign is trending downwards, you need to consider various online and offline factors affecting the performance. Conferences, special events, webinars, and other public interaction tend to increase the marketing statistic for a particular week and when the event is over the metrics may show a significant downward trend. Therefore, B2B marketers need to keep themselves aware about the broad spectrum of initiatives being undertaken before deciding the success or failure of online marketing.

If the traffic is up for years, then performance is satisfactory

While maintaining consistency in terms of traffic is a good sign, you should not get carried away with the just high traffic. Moving an off-domain blog to the architecture of the website can greatly influence the website traffic. Additionally, factors such as site architecture transition and site mergers can influence the number of imprints on your website.

Blog with most traffic was the most successful

Undoubtedly, blogging is an essential tactic to improve website traffic and enhance the SEO efforts. You need to analyze the purpose and type of blog post before coming to any conclusion. A particular content theme may be driving traffic, but it may not result in blog-specific content form. Therefore, blog traffic should not be the only metric to consider while deciding the overall performance. Consider the number of social shares and page views to draw accurate conclusions. Focus on the conversion goals to reap benefits in the future.

This tactic performed good last time, so use the same tactic again

Duplicating tactics, usually never result in page spike. The temptation of using the same strategy, but you need to avoid it. If a tactic is successful, you need to dig deeper into the reason why it was a success. Without knowing the reason, using the strategy again can backfire. Consider new trends and development in the industry. Additionally, focus on delivering value to the readers if you truly want all your online marketing strategies to fall in place.

Focus on deeper analysis of your marketing campaign to determine the overall effectiveness.

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