Why 'WordPress' is your best choice?

WordPress is an open source (FREE) web software that you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. Infact, some now even use it to create web applications. I just wanted to point out some of the reasons on why your should use WordPress as a web development/design tool than other Content Management Systems (CMS).

1) WordPress is Open-Source (FREE)

When you are trying to decide which platform to go with and you are just at start off stages, you want to keep your costs low but get the best package out there in the  market. WordPress helps you do this by charging you nothing ($0 other than the normal hosting costs) and its used by millions around the world from small businesses to large scale enterprises.

2) WordPress is natural, innovative and extraordinary…

You don’t need to be a computer wiz to know how to use this brilliant piece of software. Its so easy that even a 3 year old kid can figure out how to blog post in minutes. It has bundle of innovative features that just cannot be matched by commercial packages, not to mention the regular updates you get. If you dig deep enough, you’ll notice a lot more things you’ll love about WordPress.

3) WordPress is Flexible and Customizable

Because of the way its coded, you can run applications including blogs, forums, websites all under one single platform. WordPress is able to handle all this for you and all you have to worry about is keeping your website up-to-date. Its customizable to client’s needs by enabling them to use FREE third party plugins (1000’s), themes (10,000’s).

4) WordPress is Interactive

Way back in time, we are talking about 60s and 70s, websites were all static, boring and dead. WordPress changes all this by adding interactive features like comments. They allow you to get great feedback and know what your potential customers or existing ones think about the services or goods you provide. WordPress changed the we build websites at Jonah & Associates, since its now next to impossible to find a website without a blog.

5) WordPress is SEO Friendly

SEO is a short-form of Search Engine Optimization. Its the type of optimization performed to enhance your website’s appearance on search engines like Google’s Search. WordPress takes cares of all this because the themes are filled with dynamic PHP tags that change as you move one page to another. In this way, you never have to worry about getting the title and description of the page right as the new pages are generated.

6) WordPress is Spam Free

WordPress ships out with an Ultimate Spam-Assassin – Akismet. Once you activate it by getting an API key, you wont see those spam comments left by working robotic monkeys. Less spam is definitely a great benefit that comes with using WordPress as your website platform.

7) Because we use it…

I dont want to make it a solid reasons on why you should consider using this great package but rather to tell you of our story. Believe it or not, we use WordPress on almost every single site we have ever created including this one. We do have a couple of clients who wanted their preferred platforms like Joomla to be used for their sites but the majority of them agree with us. Infact, I am very confident in saying that millions of WordPress users are behind my statement that WordPress is indeed the best platform out there.

Let us know what you think!