Watch while you work – Double Vision

Double Vision is a freeware program for viewing online video (such as YouTube, Netflix, and Fancast) while you work, by having a semi-transparent player that shows through all other windows and programs that are visible on your desktop.

Imagine that you’re at work pulling reports from the database or working on spreadsheets, but that you also just absolutely need to follow developments in the Wimbeldon match that is going on at the same time, or a landmark speech by President Obama (that would be me in the latter case). Typically what I would do is use my headphones, minimize the browser or media player, and follow the audio alone. Except now multitaskers and bored workers everywhere can rejoice: with Double Vision you can do your work while having your video showing semi-transparently under your spreadsheet or whatever application you’re using.

  • Plays video from the internet: i.e. anything that you would use the browser to view; does not play local video files.
  • Transparency: you can control the level of transparency you want through a slider.
  • How to use: browse to or type in the URL of the website you want and navigate to your video. In some cases (e.g. for YouTube) Double Vision seems to automatically zoom onto the video and hide all other page contents; if not, resize Double Vision around the video such that only the video is showing. Finally press the Go Double Vision’s button on the top left, which will sort of “burn” the Double Vision semitransparent player onto your screen so it shows through all other windows.
  • Hotkeys: Ctrl+Alt will bring the player back into focus, while Ctrl+Esc will exit the semitransparent state and allow you to use the controls. You can set it to mute the sound as well, although curiously it doesn’t automatically un-mute when you resume playing the video (for that you’ll have to go to your volume control dialog).
  • Auto skins: an option where Double Vision automatically changes its skin to match that of the video service being used (for example Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube).

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Double Vision via {Freewaregenius}