Reveal shortened URL Destinations – Untiny

Shortened URL are getting popular day by day and it seems we are just going to face more of it in future days in almost all our online life. It can be used in social networking sites, emails, advertising, and link hiding.

Untiny is a small web application that lets you know just where you are heading to. This will also help you figure out if you want to go to the web page.

Untiny extracts the original URL from the shortened one, revealing just where it is you are headed to. Once at Untiny, enter your short URL, and click extract. Untiny supports 103 tiny services, including popular social network picks,,, snipurl, snurl, and tinyURL. Alternately, Untiny Quick Use lets you utilize your address bar by adding the questionable URL to the end of the Untiny site URL (with a couple of additional characters)

It also has an API for people who want to develop web applications by using this service. Tell us what you think!

Untiny via {Lifehacker}

  • joker400 says:

    Untiny your URLs from Command Line with Python Script