IPv4 and IPv6 – What is it all about?

Newspapers, Blogs, Online Websites starting rambling their way into the newest world of IPv6. We thought we would explain in ‘non-technical’ words about what the whole story is about.

Every device that is capable of connecting to Internet from Apple Ipods to Online Websites are all given a special identifier unique to them. Infact, this website has its own IP address ( which is covered by the domain name (jonah.org.nz). As Internet seems to grow only bigger each day, we are coming to a stage where there will be no more IP addresses to give out.

So they’ve decided to roll out a ‘new’ generation of Internet protocol with 4 billion times as many addresses. It’s a good thing and It simple means that we’ll all have more of those ‘cool‘ apple gadgets for ourselves in future.

Google, Facebook, and Akamai test Internet’s readiness for future!