First Impression – No UI Image Viewer

First Impression is a light-weight image viewer that has no unnecessary user interface for fast and efficient image viewing.

It has some amazing features that is worth checking out:

  1. No Unnecessary UIFirst Impression abandoned standard UI elements to give images unhindered space. All its features can be reached via a right-click context menu instead.
  2. Easy NavigationYou can easily navigate through image files in a folder, using the Space and Back-space key.
  3. Fast DisplayingImage loading and displaying are optimized to provide the best possible speed.
  4. Unicode SupportFirst Impression can load images from any exotically named files and folders.
  5. Image ProcessingFirst Impression provides image viewing features such as flipping, rotating, zooming in/out and also choices of resample modes for resizing.

Tell us what you think of this application!

First Impression via {Freewaregenius}