About the Facebook's New Video Feature



After the launch of Google+, Facebook has now launched an exciting feature on the 7th of July 2011. The video chat option is now active on every Facebook account and is also the major feature in Google +. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg launched the Facebook video calling option in partnership with Skype. As Facebook uses a default engine with Microsoft’s Bing surf engine and now the recent integration of Skype by MS clearly explains that Skype would be dealing with the Video calling option.

How to use Facebook video chat?

Facebook has unveiled a new Video chat feature by integrating the Facebook and Skype closely. As Skype already had some Facebook features such as mood messages in sync with Facebook status messages, news feed and the ability to call and txt Facebook friend. Now the latest integration allows us to view Facebook friends list, access Facebook chat, and also allows us to “Like” a friend’s status. To get started and use this feature you need microphones and webcam to be able to see and hear each other. If your friend does not have a webcam you will still be able to hear her even thou you she can hear and see you.

Setting up Facebook Video Chat

You can see the video Icon on top of the chat window. Clicking that icon will enable you to complete set up before you try to call a friend or your friend trying to call you for the first time. Once you finish the setup you click on the person you want to chat with and a call icon appears on the top of the chat window.

Using Facebook Video Calling

Clicking the call button will connect you with your friend with whom you can start communicating. Once you finish your conversation you can simply close the window to end the call. In case the person you want to communicate with is Offline you can also leave a video message, the time and date of the missed call will be listed in the ongoing message history with that person. However you can still chat and use other Facebook feature while on video call.

Calling on Facebook

The video chat works similar to the Facebook chat. Only people who you confirmed as friends can video chat with you. You can ignore any call and if you want to make yourself unavailable you need to click on the settings icon which is on the right corner of the chat window and uncheck the “available to chat”.

Blocking Facebook Friends from calling

To block a friend or group of friends from calling or chatting. You will need to create a list of the people with whom you do not want to chat with. Then click on the settings icon of the chat window to select “edit availability” and check the box next to the list you want to appear unavailable to which will enable you not to appear online to the people in that list.

Facebook, video calling works best with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. However video calling for Linux is not currently supported hence users will have to use one of the above browsers in a Mac or Windows operating system.

This Feature in Facebook makes life much easier as video chatting compacts the entire hassle of calling and using video chatting by using various other sources. Video chat Feature in Facebook enables us to communicate with our friends in a simple easy and effective way.