SEO Tactics to Avoid

For digital marketers, SEO has been easy with the changed algorithm of Google’s Panda and Penguin update. The SEO part has been changing continuously for the past few years and digital marketers should be agile in their tactics. Marketers need to frequently adapt to the guidelines and implement the changes if they want to stay ahead in the online marketing world. However, some of the marketers even today use age old tactics of search engine optimisation, which are no longer useful. Here are a few SEO tactics to avoid, if you want to flourish in the marketing world.


Get links to rank higher

Building links without worrying about the quality of the domain was how SEO actually worked in the past. The more links you build the higher rank you will obtain in the search engine. Link building is still an essential part of SEO, but you need to focus on quality links. Today, only high quality links will result in high rank. Therefore, rather than focusing on quantity rather than quality. Build links in a proper way to drive more traffic to the website.

Build more pages

Earlier, some people used to have the notion that if you create more web pages, you will drive more traffic to the website. Just like link building, building more pages will definitely not help you in the SEO efforts at least today. Again, if you want to entice customers, you need to focus on creating quality content for the webpages such that the content delivers value to the readers. And, if the pages have poor or low quality content, customers will never visit the pages and all your efforts to build a web page will go wasted. Therefore, deliver value instead of delivering quantity of work.

Guest Blog

Simply guest blogging on every second website will do no good for your online business. If you are planning for a guest blog to reach the readership of that blog, focus on high authoritative website relevant to your business. Follow ethical ways of guest blogging to reap benefits in the future.

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