SEO Tactics For Every Business

SEO is a lot more technical these days and marketers find it difficult to cope up the ever changing algorithm of the search engines. Figuring out the technical aspects of the search engine optimization is probably not the right methodology to follow for any brand looking to create an impact in the online marketing world. Instead, focus on simple yet effective methods, which will help you increase the ranking. The following SEO tactics will help the marketing campaign flourish in 2016.


Selecting the keyword

Marketers find it difficult to select a keyword relevant to their business and generating traffic. You definitely have to choose keywords that are used less by your competitors, but are used more by the customers. Many brands are able to achieve this, but forget keywords relevant to their business. The number of keywords for SEO should be decided based upon the industry you are serving and the size of the website. Using a few keywords in the blog will help to generate more traffic to the website. Focus on long tail keywords because they will cover the main idea of your business.

Avoid recycled content

Search engines can easily recognize a plagiarized content and will heavily penalize your website. Offering the same content to the target audience again and again will only lead to customers going away from your brand. Additionally, your search engine ranking will get lowered. Include fresh, new and interesting content, both in your website and blog. You need to remember that not every blog post you publish should contain the same keyword to generate traffic to the website.

Re-check the load time

If your website takes longer to load, then customers will probably drift to another brand. Search engines focus on promoting pages having a faster load time because less consumer time is consumed. If you want to enhance the load time, try not to use very large image files, send not more than one embedded video and avoid writing content piece greater than 1500 words. Once if the load time is reduced, customers would remain engaged for a long time.

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