SEO Strategies to Stop Using

Do you still use the outdated SEO strategies to drive organic website to the website? We are definitely not referring to the black hat SEO techniques which a business has stopped using altogether. Marketers today fall trap of marketing strategies, which promise huge returns in a short period of time. Such search engine strategies boasts of high Google ranking, but are totally ineffective when put to use. As a marketer, if you want to show on the first page of the search engines, you definitely need to avoid the following outdated SEO tactics.


Focusing on a single keyword

Chasing extremely competitive and generalized keywords will not reap benefits because your competitors will also be focusing on the same set of keywords. Additionally, you the traffic that is coming to the website will also be irrelevant. For example, if you target a single word ‘computer’, you will drive millions of customers looking for computers in their search, but if you are planning to sell computer repair services, a majority of the visitors will never convert to customers. Long tail keywords specific to your business are less popular, and will become easier to rank. Focus on obtaining quality searches instead of quantity to drive relevant traffic to the website.

Using press release

The idea behind using press release is simple. Write a captivating and interesting press release and include the links back to your website. Additionally, submitting the press releases to different publications will provide you more links to use and drive traffic to the website. However, according to Google, press releases never leaves a positive impact on the ranking. Therefore, next time you think about press release remember that there are better ways to generate positive PR.

Guest Blogging to irrelevant websites

Guest blogging to build quality links and driving traffic of the other website to your website definitely reap results. However, guest blogging to websites, which do not belong to your niche is a complete waste of time and efforts. Search for websites accepting guest blogging and you will definitely see a change in your marketing efforts.

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