Why SEO and PR should Work Together?

The digital space is evolving at a very rapid space, marketing and communication channels need to work together to work more closely in the future. SEO and PR are two different marketing aspects catering to varied aspects of the digital space. If these two forces combine, your business will benefit a lot. At the end of the day, your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website and ensure that your customers convert. Here are a few ways why SEO and PR should work together to reach their business goal.

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Optimizing links in earned coverage

Your search engine optimization needs to help your PR team to optimize the links in their earned media coverage. SEO can help you select the links, which are that really need keyword boosting and ensure that the PR team is pulling the right links for optimization. Before running any SEO campaign, consult with the PR team to ensure that certain links from paid sponsorship are not followed and Google doesn’t impose any penalty. Focus on utilizing the benefits of SEO and PR for a lethal marketing campaign. Work on creating a focused campaign aimed towards delivering value.

Align with your messages and stories

With multiple platforms and outreach, multiple stories should be coming around on the same topic. Your SEO and PR team needs to have a broader messaging to ensure you’re putting the same theme of content and not mixing up stories to promote two different things at the same time. It leaves a negative impression and customers are confused as to which story they should focus on. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep a content calendar and ensure you focus on your business goals and priorities. Focus on creating an authentic SEO campaign with some help from your PR team and see the difference in the results.

Sharing content

Undoubtedly, creating a high quality content is a task and both the SEO and PR teams leave no stone unturned to create content for two entirely different audiences. For example, if you created an infographic, the PR team can pitch the infographic out of their media source.

Leverage the effectiveness of both the marketing platform.

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