SEO Pitfalls to Avoid—Part I

More than 85% of the customers search online to find and read reviews about a business. Making errors while setting up your local SEO can definitely have negative repercussions on the visibility of your business. SEO will undoubtedly help you achieve the top results and drive organic traffic, but if search engine optimization best practices are not followed diligently, you will never see results. A lot is dependent upon the online visibility and try to avoid the following mistakes as it your website will be harder to find and you will end up targeting the wrong customers.


Not asking for reviews

Roughly 10% of your online reputation and SEO ranking is dependent upon the reviews a customer leave on your website. Quality reviews on yelp, google+ and other popular sites helps in improving the ranking and increase visibility on Google maps. Search engines prefer displaying results with the highest positive reviews. Ensure that all your satisfied customers leave a positive review as it will be help you in the long run. Additionally, try to address the issues of the customers before they are forced to leave a negative review about your product or service. Always remember that be is 1900s or 2016, customer will always remain the king and you need to keep your king happy as far as possible.

Relying too much on SEO

Considering SEO as the only tool for building online traffic is a wrong thinking. SEO is in fact just one tool in the arsenal of an online marketer. You can drive traffic to your website through email marketing, social media, print media and a variety of offline marketing tactics. In the end, your goal is to acquire customers, whether you attain the first page ranking or not. You may be successful in connecting with your customers, but your search engine ranking may not be high. Will it make a difference? Never rely too much on SEO instead integrate SEO with all the other marketing strategies you plan to use.

You will read about two more SEO pitfalls to avoid in the next post. Stay tuned!

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