What Marketers Don’t Understand About SEO?

SEO is an extremely complicated discipline and its best practice changes from time to time. And, with Google continuously changing the algorithm, keeping updated is difficult for marketers. It makes live of many people difficult as they have to overcome the learning curve to properly cater to their friends. It takes a great deal to rank a page for SEO. Therefore, understanding the different aspects of search engine optimization is crucial to reach the target audience. Here are a few things that marketers are completely unaware about SEO.


You need to rank only a few terms

You might be under an impression that you have to rank a dozen of keywords to rank in the top three search results. Well, this is definitely not true and you can easily get away by ranking just one or two terms. The main point is here that for a few sites, you need to rank more than 3 keywords, but the same doesn’t hold true for a majority of the websites. Therefore, focus on spending money that is relevant to your target audience and business.

SEO can be used to target global markets

If you rank your site in different countries, you need to optimize the website for an international audience. One of the easiest ways to achieve this ranking is offering a country specific domain. For, example, if you’re targeting a market in India, you can use the domain of .in. Additionally, you can host completely different content for the website of every country. However, when targeting the different nations, don’t forget to translate your web content into a different foreign language. You need to look at every aspect when focusing on the global market.

Focus on other search engines

Undoubtedly, Google is the king of search engines that doesn’t mean that other search engines don’t exist. Microsoft’s search engine ‘Bing’ is slowly gaining competition and many people are using it to search online. Additionally, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Target YouTube to attract the readers.

These are a few things about SEO that many marketers are completely unaware of.

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