Local SEO Strategies

Today, local SEO is one of the prime factors for a good online marketing strategy because it adds the essential geographical element to the whole search engine process. The local search results change more frequently than the usual search engine optimization. Local SEO is a complex sub-category of the usual SEO activity. Diving deeper into SEO becomes challenging and confusing for a plethora of email marketers. And, local SEO is extremely critical for business owners as it helps to attract potential clients. Follow these tips to boost the organic traffic to your website and build long term customer relationship.


Create local search pages

The first step towards success in local SEO is creating a local business page for all the three search engines namely Google, Yahoo and Bing. Optimize the business page by uploading quality and relevant images of your business. You can share details about the working hours, location and phone number. The next crucial step is listing your business under the appropriate category. According to a study, businesses who are not classified under any category never show up in the search engine results. You can categorize the business under 2-3 headings to help the search engines determine what your business is all about.

Business citation

One of the key factors of success in local SEO is a consistent NAP (name, address and phone number). The NAP should be consistent across all the search engines otherwise customers will get confused and the business will not be considered as authentic by the search engines. However, you need to verify your business through an email or phone as there are chances that someone else would have listed your business. NAP is essential for a successful SEO, work on it and you will see the difference.

Local Reviews

Local reviews impact the search engine rankings and you should focus on achieving some genuine reviews from the customers. Getting reviews on Google alone will not serve the purpose, you need to get reviews on the Yelp pages and other local directories. Ask your existing customers to leave reviews about your organization. 

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