Key Differences between SEM and SEO

Today, marketers are looking to gain number one position on the search engine as it will increase visibility and assist in driving organic traffic to the website. SEO is technical in nature and it is more about implementing a strategy matching the algorithms of the search engine. SEM on the other hand deals with the human factor of marketing. It basically deals with what the consumers are searching for and what makes the customer click. Understanding the thin line of difference between SEO and SEM is essential for the online marketing campaign to become successful.



Some of the unscrupulous SEO services may say that you have successfully obtained the first position on Google. Obviously, as a marketer, you will delighted because securing a first page on the Google is a strenuous and  tedious task as it requires a lot of hard work and strong knowledge of white hat SEO. Before, you get too influenced by the SEO service, check whether the keyword for which you have managed to attain rank one, is useful for the brand or not. Marketers often face the problem of SEO overruling SEM. When this happens the website starts ranking for keywords will never generate sales for the business. You need to differentiate between relevant and popular keywords, and you can achieve this by experimenting and researching for the keywords apt for your brand. Provide value to visitors if you want to turn them into customers.

Meta Descriptions

A plethora of marketers forgets the importance of meta descriptions and are unable to convert impressions into clicks. It helps in gaining user click through and if you place the keyword right in the meta description as the content will be read by customers in the form of search snippets. It will help you improve the search engine ranking and drive more traffic to a website. Meta descriptions indirectly contribute to the search engine ranking. If the click through rate is high, the site will automatically move up in the search results. Additionally, you can lower the bounce rate by providing a meta description tag exactly matching the content of the website.

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