The Most Important aspect of SEO

At times, Google can become terrifying with sudden updates, and changes in algorithm, leaving an SEO professional in confusion. And, knowing the secretive nature of Google’s communication, you need a definite recipe to come out of confusion. Moreover, a complete SEO campaign requires many different aspects to become successful, so it’s really hard to determine, which aspect of search engine optimization is the important over the other. However, a few aspects of SEO have solidified over the years, which forms as the foundation for most campaigns. Here are a few important aspects to consider in 2016.

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Quality Backlinks

Don’t let anyone tell you that backlinks are dead!

In fact, they are more essential than ever to rank higher in the SERP.

At the basic level, the portfolio of your backlink can either make or break your online presence. You can build quality backlinks using social media networking profiles. Many networking and social networking websites have an extremely high page rank and it’ll flow into your account as well, while many networking sites are nofollow, some sites are dofollow. Your website needs to have quality backlinks from trusted and authoritative sources. Spammy backlinks will only earn penalties from Google. Additionally, you can focus on document sharing websites, guest blogging, press release and article marketing are other ways to gather quality backlinks and hit the gold mine.

According to a Moz’s survey, backlinks were one of the top characteristics of building a strong online presence.

Work hard on increasing the backlinks by building and nurturing relationships.

Mobile Compatibility

In March 2015, Google announced different plans to penalize websites that are not mobile compatible and friendly. Mobile friendliness is considered as an important factor in the search results. And, if a website doesn’t work properly on a mobile device, the SERP would be downgraded. Additionally, the number of mobile users is increasing every day and today more customers are using mobile phones than desktops to search online.  Focus on the page speed by optimizing the images and reducing the number of redirects. Moreover, never block the JavaScript and the CSS as these elements are essential to for Google to understand whether a website is responsive or not.

Quality content

Believe it or not, Google works really hard to ensure that the first result is the leading content for a specific keyword. And, according to a report by Ascend2, 72% of marketers considered relevant content as one of the most effective SEO tools in 2015. Your rankings will drastically suffer if relevancy is not a pillar of your SEO campaign. Therefore, focus on delivering value by sharing unique and informative content. Never duplicate content and never overuse the keywords. Additionally, register your website with Google Search Console to get updates whenever there is a site performance issue.

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