How to Avoid Unprofessional SEO Providers?

Nothing remains static in life and SEO is something, which changes dynamically every year. And, whether you are an SEO professional, analyst, executive or a marketing manager, understanding and analyzing the current performance is essential. However, if you are planning to hire a professional SEO service provider, you need to consider some important red flags and warning signs to prevent your search engine optimization efforts from ruining. Here are a few red flags to avoid hiring unprofessional SEO providers.


Duplicate content

Check your blog, pick up a few lines and search it on Google inside double quotes to see whether the content your SEO company is providing is recycled or not. If your blog comprises of same content written in a different style and voice, your readers are likely to leave the marketing campaign due to lack of interesting and innovative content. Plagiarized content reduces the search engine ranking and affects the overall reputation score. Additionally, you get noticed by the ISPs, which can further degrade your ranking.

Focus is only on blog posts

Blog posts form an important part of any SEO tactic, but if your SEO provider is offering only new blog post every day or week, your marketing campaign is probably in the wrong hands. Clearly, there are a numerous things to make your SEO campaign relevant rather than providing a handful of written content. Undoubtedly, blog posts are essential, but it is just one small piece of a much larger pie.   

You are guaranteed rankings

Believe it or not, no search engine optimization provider can guarantee search engine rankings because the algorithm of Google and other search engine changes drastically. A company guaranteeing a ranking of the first page within a given time frame is probably making a fool and will ditch your marketing efforts at some point or other.

No monthly reporting

Every provider should provide a detailed monthly report of all the SEO activities and its result. Without analyzing the result, improving and understanding the marketing campaign will become tedious. If your monthly report is displaying only keyword rankings, you probably need to switch your SEO service provider soon.

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