Essential SEO Strategies for 2016

Great search engine optimization can result in a significant amount of revenue and take the business to the next level easily. However, SEO is an ongoing process and you need to continually pay attention after you have managed to drive heavy traffic to the website. You need to improve the SEO in order to maintain your rankings. One of the easiest ways for a successful SEO campaign is creating high quality content. The following strategies will help you to succeed in your marketing efforts in 2016.


Content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy focused on the top keywords will help you entice customers and keep the traffic to website intact. When content such as videos, blog posts, and webinars are shared with customers, it gives people a reason to link to your brand. Apart from engaging the customers, a well-written SEO optimized content will generate website traffic and keeps the customer engaged in a long term. And, if the blog post is shared on the social media channels it will help generate traffic from other websites as well. Therefore, focus on the SEO efforts and try to post content on high authority sites as you will be able to rope in readers of the high authority sites as well. Additionally, regularly posting content either on the website or the blog, will tell Google that the website is alive and active.

Move to HTTPS

According to experts, if you are an SEO company, you need to shift your website to HTTPS as it is a secure site. Many of you would be unaware that ‘s’ in the HTTPS stands for security. Additionally, Google is trying to shift their focus on HTTPS and urging brands to switch to HTTPS. Therefore, consider transferring the website in the upcoming year and give a boost to your SEO rankings.

Be mobile ready

Having a mobile friendly version of the website as in the year 2016 will become extremely important as in 2015, Google is expecting to give weightage to the mobile friendly version of a website. This means that if you do not have a mobile version of your website, you will be missing the Google ranking.

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