Distinguishing Between a Fake and Genuine SEO Service

A majority of online businesses today look for an authentic SEO service to improve the website ranking and drive organic traffic to the website. Any SEO company will help you achieve the desired ranking on the search engines, but a genuine company will aim at driving organic traffic to the website. These companies edit the source code for a particular keyword or key phrase which is accepted across all the search engine sites. You should always focus on choosing a company offering white hat SEO over black hat SEO because the black hat search engine optimization uses short cut methods to rank the website, which usually do not last for a long time. A genuine service provider will always adhere to white hat techniques.


Avoid a company offering the following:

Too many promises

Guaranteeing a number one position within 3 months is impossible because the ranking of any website is dependent upon a number of factors such as quality of backlinks, the age of the website and the content. Increasing the ranking on the search engine slowly and gradually is an effective way to promote the business online. Therefore, be cautious of companies promising exceptional results within a short duration of time. Hire a company offering steady growth in the online ranking.

Not revealing their strategies

A fake SEO company will never discuss their plan and strategy with the customers. As a business owner, you need to ask questions relating to their tasks and future plans for your company. Ensure that the SEO services uses the latest strategies and methods to drive organic traffic otherwise your website will unnecessarily get penalized by the search engines. Also, remember that the algorithm of the search engine changes frequently, the SEO company should be capable of handling the changes. Research thoroughly before hiring an expert service.

Uses too many search engines

Certain companies claim to focus on all the search engines to improve your website ranking. However, do not get fooled by such claims because you need to target on search engines which is used by your target audience. 

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