Why Does your Business Need SEO?

With over 100 million internet domains and more than 100 billion indexed pages, the online world has become a place where thousands of online businesses survive. And, none of the marketers know the precise algorithm used by Google to rank web pages. Nevertheless, you can implement some of the best search engine optimization practices to rank higher in the search results. Furthermore, the amount of traffic to your website is directly related to the ranking of your website. Without web traffic you cannot possibly increase the revenue. Here are a few reasons why your business needs an SEO.


Customers are doing research before buying

More than 70% of the customers search online before purchasing a single product or availing an offer. These statistics are sufficient to say that a functional website alone will not help you gain the desired web traffic. Potential customers will never find you, if you’re buried deep inside the search engine ranking. Ranking on the 9 or 10th page of Google is as good as not having an online presence. A big part of any search engine optimization campaign is filling the website with meaningful and useful content. Therefore, you need SEO to enhance your online visibility.

Useful even for small businesses

Smartphones have drastically changed the usage pattern of customers. More and more customers search for small retailers, restaurants, grocery shops and other things online irrespective of their location. Small business are longer limited to just their locality. They can easily increase their business using local and off-page SEO techniques. Small business owners who spend money on optimizing their local SEO instantly connect with customers searching for various services and goods. And, every business before becoming a large enterprise is a small business. Therefore, you need SEO to reach your business goals and grow your business.

Search ranking increases credibility

More than 75% of the readers skip the paid ads and focus only on organic search results. First page ranking connects with the desired audience and increases the credibility of your online business. Additionally, such websites are packed with interesting and meaningful content.

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