Building an SEO Strategy on a Budget

Word of mouth publicity and social buzz is alone not enough to catapult success in an online marketing business. Not all startup ideas are capable of fueling a spark in the minds of the readers. Moving the search engine ladder for certain terms will definitely help your business grow and people will search for your business online instead of their phone directories. Today, search engine optimization is an essential technique to build an online reputation and reach the target readers. Here are a few ways of building an SEO strategy on a budget.

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Don’t compete with the big corporations

If you know a bit about SEO, you will understand that big corporations spend millions of dollars to target certain search terms. Targeting the lesser competitive keywords will definitely give you hold on a certain amount of people. The share might be low, but it will definitely be significant. Never focus on competing big corporations immediately as it will not lead you anywhere. Corner some exact search terms relevant to your business. Moreover, you need not spend immediately on a large amount of money to reach your target audience. Start with the less competitive terms and gradually move forward. Therefore, a successful SEO campaign is when you focus the right keyword at the right time.

Avoid Black hat techniques

As a startup company, you will definitely have the temptation to use some of the black hat SEO techniques as it can deliver the desired results quickly. You will of course get penalized by Google, which will affect your online reputation. Furthermore, if you’re outsourcing the SEO campaign, you need to understand and know the techniques that your contractor or company is using to increase your search engine ranking. Black hat techniques can easily get your website indexed, depending upon the amount of black hat tactics used. Hence, it will cost you a lot to come back on track.

Content can make a difference

If the content you’re sharing is producing interest in the target audience and it is being shared on different social media platforms, you need to worry about the off-page SEO optimization.

In conclusion, use these three tactics to cut down your marketing budget and reach the target audience.

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