Basic Concept of SEO

While SEO is not a rocket science, it is definitely not an easy paradigm to understand, especially for the beginners. Getting confused with SEO is something which all armatures face in the initial learning phase. And, without proper understanding what SEO is and what is capable of doing, building a successful SEO campaign is difficult. Marketers find it difficult to grasp the technicalities behind the search engine optimization process and end up feeling inferior in front of the customer. From creating authentic backlinks to choosing the right keyword, you need to master these concepts for a successful marketing campaign.


Backlinks are your vote of confidence

Backlinks have become one of the most important building blocks to a good search engine optimization process. Backlinks are the links directed to your website and it gives an indication of the popularity and importance of your website. When search engines calculate the relevance of your website, it takes into account the number of QUALITY links to your website. The quality of these inbound links play an important role in deciding the search engine ranking. Search engine looks for website with natural links built over a period of time. Additionally, it helps to drive more organic traffic as visitors of other sites read your content. Backlinks correlate more strongly with rankings than anything else. Focus on quality backlinks instead of numbers.

Conversion optimization

What is the use of a website with a high traffic, but zero conversion rate? It is more like a traffic accident. It’s a process of converting website visitors into customers. Conversion optimization is the perfect way to improve revenue and increase the clientele. You can optimize every single element of your site, including, links, technical, on-page and social, but if you fail to convert, SEO is completely irrelevant because the organic traffic is not turning to customers. Your SEO campaign should focus on increasing the conversion rate while driving organic traffic to your website. However, marketers often overlook conversion optimization and completely rely on SEO for everything.

Read, learn and understand the concepts of SEO before jumping to execution. s

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