3 SEO Tactics for New Year

Thinking about giving your business a new start in the upcoming year 2016. Your clients would have signed their contracts by now and are probably on a vacation waiting for 2015 to end. As a marketer, you will two choices, one is that you can shut your laptop and enjoy the festive season, or you can give your website a little SEO scrub to stay ahead with the competition. SEO is about continuous improvement and it does not stop with the festive mood, instead it increases because customers are looking to purchase during such seasons. Here are a few search engine optimisation tactics for the New Year.


Give a Technical Audit

At the start of your SEO campaign, you probably had a great technical audit as you were aware about each and every page of your website. You knew about all the errors in the website and were even aware about all the broken links and images. But, after that you probably forgot about these aspects as you got busy acquiring customers. New Year is the perfect time to give a technical audit to your website and increase the organic traffic. Ensure you are technically strong about your website as it will help you implement changes in the upcoming year.

Repurpose the content

Customers are probably tired of reading the same content on your website. New Year is the time of year, which brings in freshness and newness in the atmosphere. Why leave your website content behind? Therefore, the leading way to understand whether your website needs a content makeover or not is by analyzing the performance of the previous content. Content which received the maximum viewership can stay and you can go ahead and repurpose the other content. Interesting and engaging content forces the customer to come back to the website.

Perform a Competitive Analysis

Performing a competitive analysis will help you build an effective strategy and stay ahead of the competitors. Evaluate their content and SEO strategy to understand where you are lacking. A thorough analysis will help you increase the customer base.

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