3 Lies that Your SEO Agency is Telling

SEO industry plays an important part in manipulating the search engine rankings and helping business reach the first page of Google or other search engines. Because of time constraints and technical nature of SEO, many companies hire agencies to improve their online ranking. Even though, search engine optimization campaigns are sophisticated and based more on quality over quantity, many agencies manage to trick their clients. If you’ve hired an SEO agency for your ranking, you need to be aware of the following lies.

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Guaranteed Results

Google’s algorithm is highly unpredictable and with the frequent changes, achieving the top rankings instantaneously is difficult. Your biggest concern would be to get the most out of your investment and many SEO agencies leverage this concern and make false promises of delivering guaranteed results. You need to understand that achieving top rankings with a few days is completely unrealistic and generating a plethora of traffic within a month or so is again a difficult task to achieve. Additionally, it’s highly impossible to predict results. You should tell your SEO agency to focus on the right tactics instead of just the results.

One particular strategy works for every business

A majority of search engine optimization campaign requires customization because no two businesses are alike even if they are competitors. Every business has its own strengths, weakness, goals and audience. And, it’s impossible that one particular strategy would work for every business under the sun. You need different targeting, different volume and different adjustments based upon the growth of your business. If your agency claims of using the exact same approach on their clients, it’s probably time, you need a new agency to take your search engine optimization campaign to the next level.

Quantity over quality

Most people believe that more is always better and SEO agencies take advantage of this to create more blogposts and inbound links. When quality is overlooked, no number of blogposts can help you reach the readers. One awesome blogpost is far better than 10 mediocre posts. Therefore, focus on quality work over quantity to increase the search engine ranking.

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