Search Engine Marketing for Franchises

Maintaining a strong local web presence is essential for a franchise business. Each of the franchise website should be treated differently and should be optimized separately. As a business owner, you have numerous ways to ensure your website show up in the relevant searches and rank higher in the SERP. Search engine marketing will help you come closer to your business goal and connect with the target audience. Here are a few best practices, which will help your franchises website to a great extent.


Make a strong online presence

When a person in Queensland, enters a Google search to find a restaurant, he is definitely not interested in some fine dining restaurants in Auckland.  The person is looking for a restaurant near to her neighborhood, something that she can visit over the next few hours. Hence, it’s essential to ensure your website is optimized for local search. The website should show up when a customer types ‘best’, ‘restaurants’ and ‘Queensland’, and other keywords pertaining to your franchise business. Focus on optimizing the website so that your business flourishes and you never have a dearth of customers.

Optimize for mobile

No search engine marketing campaign is successful, if you don’t focus on optimizing the content for mobile. More than 80% of the local searches occur on a mobile device, making it the leading platform to focus on. Additionally, focus on creating a strong social media page and update it regularly to keep the readers engaged. Update the social media pages with the latest and relevant information so that your pages come lively and attract the potential readers. Interesting social profiles increase the Google ranking of business.

Focus on obtaining customer reviews

People today trust the viewpoints of others as it helps build trust. Therefore, customer reviews are essential to increase the Google ranking. Encourage your customers to leave positive review on your website, social media sites and Google. The number and quality of reviews definitely affect the overall ranking. Any business lacking online reviews is often viewed suspiciously by the customers.

Search engine marketing is a great way to build a strong online presence.

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