How is Search Engine Marketing Changing?

The search engine, especially Google has become the god of internet. Whether you are looking for a product or seeking a service, you just type into the browser URL and behold, a lot of instant results are shown. Most customers usually never go beyond the first page of the search engine results. Now, if your website does not reach the first page, you’ll rarely find customers visiting your website, even if you’ve a strong search engine marketing campaign. However, search engine marketing is changing continuously and here are a few ways search engines has evolved in the recent past.


Backlinks are less important

For a long time, back links served as an important indicator for ranking and SEO, but today, the scenario has changed drastically. The trend has changed because it becomes easy to manipulate the total number of backlinks. Backlinks are becoming less important, but contribute substantially to the ranking factor. According to a survey, the top 4 search engine results have established and older backlinks, whereas URLs in the middle of the search results get backlinks from the new sites. The older the backlink, the higher will be your search engine ranking.

Mobile searches are changing the statistics

According to a report by Google, more Google searches take place on a mobile device in 10 countries including Japan and US. It’s the first time, mobile searches have overtaken the computer search and the trend is expected to continue. Therefore, it has become even more essential to create responsive designs and keep the font size according to mobile usage. No search engine marketing campaign can become successful if the websites and content is not optimized for a mobile phone.

Keywords are important, but content quality is essential

Just like backlinks, keywords can be easily manipulated, and they are losing their authority when it comes to search engine ranking. Today, it’s more important to concentrate on quality content and use as many as proof and related terms to rank higher. Focus on creating a high quality content to attract more traffic to your website and ensure a long term relationship with the readers.

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