Pitfalls of Search Engine Marketing

Blunders and mistakes in search engine marketing happen more frequently than you can predict. Holes in your SEM campaign will tarnish your brand’s image and seriously damage your overall reputation in the online marketing world. Today, with content being posted on different marketing platforms, the room for committing mistakes definitely increases. Keep up with the changing algorithms of the search engine and trends of online marketing is difficult as remaining at the top of everything is extremely difficult. Here are a few pitfalls you can avoid to increase the effectiveness of your SEM campaign.


Speaking to too many customers at the same time

Every business has a specified target audience and a niche to focus, and when you speak to the right audience at the right time, conversion occurs and organic traffic is automatically drifted to your web portals. Find out the target audience and create tailored made content to increase traffic and remain in the good books of the search engines. Use the demographics to understand the requirement of your target readers and create a difference between sending messages and presenting yourself as a leader to the readers.

Long titles and title tags

Title and title tags of your web pages are important to increase the page ranking and show up in the search engine results. You need to understand that search engines displays only the first 60 characters, so a web page title longer than 60 characters will not be showing up effectively. Additionally, you need to utilize the available space and increase the SEO opportunity. Therefore, the title tags should be near 60 characters, too long and too short title tags will not help you reap the desired benefits.

Page load time

A slow page load time will turn the readers away from your website because they have to wait for your page to load. Page load time is one of the important factors considered by search engines during ranking. Focus on using appropriate image sizes, reducing redirects and avoiding unnecessary plugins.

Each of these pitfalls will degrade your ranking and your SEM efforts will never reap the desires results. 

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