3 Things you Need to Know About Search Engine Marketing

Today, SEM is one of the leading tools in digital marketing and the ever changing trend of search engine sites makes it difficult for the marketers to keep at pace with the changing trend. Even when social media has managed to gain attention of the customers, search is still the king when it comes to the online world. Search engine marketing enhances the visibility of your brand through paid advertising. It is essential to understand the SEM properly because you invest a lot of money in the paid search to drive traffic to your website. SEM encompasses both SEO and paid search, thereby increasing the online visibility and attracting customers to the business. Here are three things you need to know about search engine marketing.


Paid search advertising

Paid search advertising is a type of search engine marketing wherein website owners pay an advertising fee, based upon their click-through or the number of ad views to place their website on the top of the search results. Some of the search engines explicitly tells, which results are paid and which results are natural, making it easy for the customer to make a decision. Advertisers pick up some key phrases relevant to their business. Consumers visit these pages based upon their requirement and click the advertisement.

Pay per click campaign

PPC campaign refers to a marketing model wherein the advertiser pays a fee every time a customer clicks on their ad. It is an attempt to buy the visit of the customers rather than driving organic traffic to the website. It gives the power to the advertisers to bid for the placement of an ad in a search engine sponsored link when some keywords are searched by the customers. PPC helps to drive a plethora of traffic to the website and is one of the most useful forms of search engine marketing used by businesses across the world.

Cost per thousand impressions

A type of SEM wherein you pay a fee based upon every thousand impressions. It is a leading method for companies to enhance their brand awareness. 

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