2 Key Metrics Every Marketer Should Know

Without marketing metrics analyzing the success of any marketing campaign is very difficult. Even if you know what marketing numbers are essential, it is very hard to know what marketing metrics mean. Tweaking the campaign for changes is the leading way to increase the marketing statistics. Unless you understand the metrics, making changes in the subject line or changing the website is difficult because you will never receive the intended results. Here are a few important metrics every marketer needs to know about their SEM marketing campaign.


Click Through Rate

CTR is basically used to determine the relevancy of your advertisement campaigns in relation to the requirements of the targeted audience. If people find your ad relevant and comes across on Facebook and Google, they will click on it. Maintaining a high CTR is essential for the success of the marketing campaign. A low click through rate can be primarily because too many people see your ad, which is not according to their needs. The first step in improving the search engine activity is improving the language and the content of the ad, which will increase the CTR. Use image and interesting headlines to attract the attention of the readers.

Cost per click

Another useful metrics, helping you increase your online presence at an affordable cost is per click. The metric tells you how many viewers are clicking your ad and what cost you are paying for every lead. There is no point investing in activities wherein the CPC is very high. If your competitors are trying to target the same group of customers, the CPC will automatically rise. And, if you bid too high, you will end up spending a lot of money and if you bid too low, your ad will never get displayed on the search engines and various websites. Patience is the key to the bidding strategy and you can target people or groups that are overlooked by the competitors.

Search engine marketing is a great way to enhance your online presence. 

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