The Book of Music Making

We have designed the entire typeface and layout of a new book on the market to help you learn piano. Its named “The Book of Music Making” written by Chris Osborne (Musician). She initially approached to us with her old website full of blog posts that were linked to various product marking websites.

We listened to her story and her interest to share her thoughts to the world wide web. This lead to the creation of Lively Cat website. Soon after, Chris wanted to write a book which accumulated all the knowledge she has gained over the years in the music industry. She regularly plays at her local church and believes in practical learning as opposed to theory based. She tries to implement this learning methodology into her newest book.

The book is the first step to learn to play the keyboard and what you can do with your instrument.

At the end of this Book you learned some basics…

– Reading music
– Playing easy melodies (right hand)
– Adding accompaniments (left hand)
– Rhythms
– Having fun playing familiar tunes

This is a self-teaching Book but can also be used in classes. You can buy this book in PDF version from her website or request a hard-copy by contacting her directly.

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