Tips to Make your Landing Pages Profitable

Landing pages are crucial in the success of online marketing because a lot of traffic is generated using the landing pages. Running paid traffic to a landing page is a difficult and extremely costly affair. Marketers find it difficult to maintain the bounce rate and increase the number of subscribers visiting the landing pages on a daily basis. If the landing pages are delivering the desired result and the profitability is getting affected, follow the given tips to make the landing pages profitable for your online marketing.



The headline is the first thing a customer comes across when they look at it first. The headline determines the action a customer is likely to take. If you are using paid traffic to drive customers to the website, the headline should match the information provided on the initial ad the customer clicked. Ensure to use the same kind of language in the ad and the landing page headline. You can definitely avoid problems related to ad targeting if the message in the ad and in the headline is the same. The consistent headline will reaffirm to the customers that they are in the right place. Create a catchy and interesting headline to attract customers.


If your landing pages are not performing, then probably your landing pages are not up to the mark. You need to offer free giveaways and know your target audience well in advance. The giveaways need not be costly or complicated, it should just solve one pressing problem of the customers. Speak to your potential clients on different private forums and understand their requirements. If you are trying to attract freelancers, offer giveaways such as ‘how to generate customers and never sit idle for months’. Offering giveaways to customers, which are relevant and interesting because only then customers will willingly agree to subscribe to the mailing list. Send new and interesting giveaways to the customers.

Understand the target audience before creating a landing page and starting ad targeting, otherwise you will never succeed in the online marketing campaign.  

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