ROI and Online Marketing

Why does ROI matter so much to marketers? What will happen if the ROI of your marketing campaign is low? These questions usually go unanswered, but return on investment is important to determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. The concept here is extremely easy, if you are making more money than spending, you are doing great, but if you are spending more ad earning less, there is something definitely wrong and for obvious reasons you need to change. However, ROI is not the only thing that affects your marketing campaign. If you focus only on ROI and ignore all other metrics, you will never be able to win the heart of your audience.


Positive ROI

For any online marketing campaign either you have a positive ROI or a negative ROI. A positive ROI is considered good, but a negative ROI requires a change. A positive return on investment does not necessarily mean that you are in the best phase of your marketing campaign. ROI along with other online marketing components will ensure you reach the intended target audience. Measuring your ROI alone will not help in capturing the significance, you need to focus on SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing to stay afloat. ROI should be considered as a motivator to increase the return on investment further. Remember your piece of content will only help in increasing traffic because if readers appreciate your writing, they are more likely to come back again and again, which eventually will increase the ROI.

Number is not everything

Numbers are definitely objectives and important tool for measuring the success of your online marketing campaign, but numbers are not everything. Focus should be on engaging and attracting readers to your website and blog instead of simply increasing traffic to your website. High traffic without any conversion rate is a waste as you will not benefit from such readers. Offer interesting content and lucrative offers for a customer to make a purchase. ROI will not increase if you do not put in efforts.

ROI is essential for online marketing, but it’s not everything.

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