Online Marketing in 2016

Online marketing trends are like the seasons, they come and go. Marketing trends rise, fall and finally fade away, leaving brands with no other option than starting the marketing process all over again. The frequent change can be extremely frustrating because you would have invested money and spent a lot of time. Changing the marketing strategy with the changing marketing trend can be a tedious process for the brands as it requires a lot of creative thinking and you will end up spending a lot of manual hours. Therefore, in 2016, focus on online marketing trends that have not changed for a long period of time and are still extremely successful. Carry out the given below techniques and see a surge in your revenue.


Word of mouth marketing

Believe it or not word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective forms of online as well as offline marketing. In today’s time, word of mouth marketing is sharing your experience about the product or services on social media. Customers prefer purchasing products having a high user rating and positive reviews. When a customer narrates their happy experience with others, it builds trust in the minds of other customers because the product or service is proven. Word of mouth marketing is basically conveying your experience in your voice to the other customers reading your reviews.


Search engine marketing will never be dead until the time marketing is done through internet. Be it today or tomorrow, search will take place on the search engines and you will require an SEO plan to come in the top searches. Additionally, driving organic traffic to your business is best for any brand because customers who visit on their own are more likely to make a purchase. You will definitely need to shell out a few dollars, but the money spent would be worth every penny. SEO is and will never be dead.

Email Marketing

Amidst the buzz over social media, marketers actually neglected email marketing. Email marketing even today is responsible for the highest number of conversions. The ROI obtained is unmatched and keep the customer engaged is easy. 

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