Kill these Online Marketing Myths Today

Since its inception, the online marketing industry has evolved and is constantly evolving. It helps marketers connect with the prospects easily on a global scale. But, just like any wonderful thing, online marketing is surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. Surprisingly, myths reaches the marketers like a jungle fire and they end up committing forced errors. Such errors, reduces their online marketing effectiveness. Here are a few myths, which you need to avoid.

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Our product is good, we don’t need marketing

Without telling the customer about your product, how can you expect sales to occur? Simply sending press releases and uploading the information on your website will not result in sales. You need to make noise and utilize the potential of online marketing to attract the readers to the website. Always remember that you’re competing with a thousand’s of companies, who are looking to make an impact in the online world. If you’re not focusing on your online marketing campaign, you cannot reach the intended target audience, even if your product is one of its own kind. Do you Apple would have succeeded, if its marketing was not done?

Customers never read commercial emails

If you believe it, here are a few statistics to prove you wrong.

According to Mckinsey & Company, email results in 40 times more customer acquisition. And, as per Experian, $1 spent on email yields more than $44.

So, people do reach commercial messages and take the necessary action. Email marketing may not sound as appealing as social media, but it’s definitely the leading platform to interact and attract the readers to your website. You need to understand that people today want personalized and interesting email messages. Focus on delivering value to achieve success in your online marketing campaign.

It yields results with very large web traffic

The key to effective online marketing is quality and not quantity. When the right kind of audience visit your website, your revenue automatically increases, even if the number is low. As a business, strive for quality of the people visiting your website.

Myths can destroy and lead you to a wrong path, therefore, never fall in the trap.

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