Future of Online Marketing

The ever changing world of online marketing is a daunting task for marketers because they are unable to cope up with the fast paced technology. Business owners should actually feel comfortable because more and more customers prefer using digital marketing platforms to search about a product or service, before availing it. Moreover, online marketing is becoming extremely user-friendly, helping marketers to stay ahead of competition. The future of marketing lies in online marketing and the following trends will prove effective in the coming years.


Online videos will be crucial

Online videos will be the future of online marketing and marketing platforms such as Bing and Facebook are offering an online video advertising platform to the marketers. Today, users are accepting videos more than the online content because it can streamed at any point of time. According to a research, video will account for more than 70% of consumer traffic in 2017. Customers are expected to share videos and spend time more on the videos than content. Additionally, the videos will become as the best option for social media marketing. However, before sending a video ensure that the content and screenplay are relevant. Customer like receiving easily viewable content.

Apps will play a key role

More consumers are shifting towards smart watches and mobile devices, which is changing the landscape of digital marketing. Mobile apps are expected to revolutionize the way how a user makes a search and makes a purchase. According to a survey, today on an average a customer spends more than 90% of their mobile usage on different apps. Additionally, apps get more visibility than online search making it easier for marketers. Apps offer detailed and accurate results unlike older online search methods. Focus on building an app for business to stay ahead of the competition. However, beware of the changing structure of the online marketing world and adapt to the changes.

Customize your online marketing, according to the requirement of your business. Remember that customers are looking for fast and convenient method to find products and services online. Use the online marketing platform to help your business grow.

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