3 Digital Marketing Myths Busted

There’s no shortage of myths and misconceptions that are surrounding online and digital marketing. Some of the myths may actually be true, but many would have become a part of a spouted narrative. Today, online marketing is the leading platform to connect with the readers and one of the leading ways to send the message to the readers. Your online marketing campaign becomes successful when customers visit your website again and again. Here are a few digital marketing myths that you need to overcome to ensure a successful outcome.

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Myth# 1:  SEO is dead

Long ago, marketers predicted that SEO would soon vanish because of numerous reasons. Tough tons of black-hats and grey-hat techniques have evaporated, SEO still remains essential to online marketing. Today, simple keyword optimization and proper site architecture will not help you drive traffic to the website. You need focus on using conversion rate optimization, CTR optimization and UX to win organic traffic and come up in the search results. Focus on following the best practices of SEO for a successful online marketing campaign.

Myth#2: Negative comments are bad for your business

Legitimate customer concern around your product or service should be welcomed and addressed. Negative reviews are a great way to improve your online marketing business. You can leverage these negative reviews to understand the requirement of your customers. Additionally, you need to ensure that someone internally is following up to solve these issues. You need to address all the negative reviews to ensure that the customer is not lost. You need to understand that a customer spends time to leave a review and negative review occurs when they have really suffered. Focus on taking these reviews positively to further entice the target readers.

Myth#3: You need to redesign your website regularly

You need not constantly redesign your webpages or website because it will not serve any purpose. Instead, you should constantly focus on creating new content for your web pages as fresh content comes up first in the search engine result pages.

As an online marketer, never fall in the trap of these myths and focus on creating a successful online marketing campaign.

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