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You are looking for results and you want it now? If your answer is yes, search engine marketing might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you are after a Google certified partner to optimise your Google Adwords account or wanting to use multiple marketing channels to promote your products or services, we have just what you need. We do free PPC evaluation to point our some of the common mistakes, sore spots, and ways on increase ROI. We accommodate small businesses as well as large enterprises.

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Our Comprehensive Range of Search Marketing Services ...

  • small business google adwords services

    Small Business Google Adwords

    Advertising budget between $200 to $5000 per month? Then, our small business Adwords campaign management services would be right for you. We do intense research around your business and analyse your competitors. We then build your ideal keyword lists, install conversion tracking and launch your campaign.

  • enterprise google adwords services

    Enterprise Google Adwords

    Advertising budget above $5000 per month? You would benefit from our enterprise Adwords campaign management services where a team of experts will assist you. We do more than just management by spreading your advertising budget across multiple channels including Adwords, Bing, Facebook and others.

  • campaign optimization services

    Campaign Optimisation

    Need help with optimising your existing advertising campaigns? We can help you with that by taking care of things like negative keyword lists, conversion tracking, mobile optimized ads, click to call, sitelink extensions, display network campaigns, remarketing campaigns and much more.

  • yahoo bing campaign management services

    Yahoo! Bing Advertising

    Have a small budget? Try Yahoo! Bing advertising to get more bang for your buck. Often said to be more cost-effective than Google Adwords, it delivers no less quality traffic. We do accurate result-oriented marketing, great market research, keyword suggestions, remarketing, sitelink & call extensions, and more.

  • facebook ppc campaign management services

    Facebook PPC Management

    Let our experts manage your Facebook advertising campaigns for your business, brand, page or website. We take care of everything from age, location, gender, relationship status, online spending and others to give you great ROI. We also do page post engagement, page likes, clicks, conversions, offers and more.

  • linkedin ppc campaign management

    Linkedin PPC Management

    Incredibly powerful platform for B2B products and services. Let our experts manage your campaign effectively by implementing targets suited to your niche/industry/business. Watch your business grow with us optimising for targeted audience, bid range, low-performance monitoring, click-thrus and more.

Free Adwords Audit

Get a free PPC Audit from us. No strings attached. We go through your account structure on how your ad groups and keywords are placed and ways of optimising them for greater relevancy and quality. We share our secrets of optimising your bidding strategies and give you insights on how utilizing various keyword matches and bidding could add to your advantage. We also go through targeting methods and achieving an optimal rate at that. We suggest ways to improve your exposure and visibility while sticking to your budget.

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Campaign Management Benefits

Getting us to manage your advertising campaigns would benefit your business in a lot of ways. Apart from our quality work and standards that produce outstanding results, we are a company that has been running profitably for many years now. We are certified by Google and we do extremely well at managing our customer’s campaigns. We have professionally managed lots of campaigns in the past and we are a one-stop shop for all your advertising needs. We do everything from pay-per-click (PPC), content creation, optimising engagement rates, and more. Our objective is always to keep our customers satisfied and we go the extra mile to make that happen.

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ROI Focused Plans

All of our advertising campaign management plans are ROI focused. We really believe in delivering value for every dollar you spend. We take pride in carefully evaluating prospect businesses and developing meaningful, transparent and honest relationships with them. We count every dollar and the return it’s made by watching the metrics available to us. Some of the things we focus on include conversion tracking to tell us how many people actually turned into customers and through what keywords they’ve known about your products and services. All the data and performance metrics are transparent to our customers so they have just as much access as our staff do. We boast in delivering close to an average of 300% ROI.

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