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Our enterprise solutions range from helping your business transition smoothly into the ever-growing mobile market. Our enterprise content management offerings address problems most businesses face – organising array enterprise data in accessible formats to help solve problems and tackle bottlenecks. As part of a complete package, we also provide advice for investing into cloud computing systems.

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Solutions we offer...

  • Mobility Solutions

    Mobility Solutions

    Ever-growing mobile users demand businesses to offer solutions and services tailored to their devices. We help in strategically analysing your business objectives, converging, building scalable architecture that align well with your back-end systems, distribution model  to help deliver to end-users all with top-notch application maintenance & support.

  • Mobile Strategy

    Mobile Strategy Planning

    With nearly 2 billion mobile devices being shipped by year 2016, the need for mobile presence becomes inevitable. Our strategic planning helps your business benefits from enhanced collaboration between partners & suppliers, provide better customer service, greater engagement with customers, improve processes, aid in decision making and delivering scalable solutions.

  • Content Management

    Content Management

    Unorganised information causes bottlenecks in data management and processing in-turn leading to loss of productivity. We help you remove those bottlenecks by reducing paperwork, establishing controls, document versioning and track changes, data encryption for greater security, and create easy access to vital information and content anywhere – mobile, desktop, and or web.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

    By 2016, nearly 340 million more people will have moved to the cloud. Why? Because cloud computing eliminates major bottlenecks associated with traditional environments. It allows businesses to expand rapidly whilst cutting down costs. It helps create better value & ROI. Our team has the expertise in developing apps with software as a service (SaaS) in mind.

  • IT Consultancy

    IT Consultancy

    Rapidly changing IT environments demand quick and immediate responses. Our consultants design information technology solutions that redefine your business processes and increases productivity. We build strategies that have been proven to work in reducing missed deadlines, lack of clarity in business objectives and lack of scalability.

  • Business Process Management

    Business Process Management

    Our skilled team of business and technology experts have experience in Enterprise Architecture Planning, Data Migration Activities, IT Strategy Planning, System Integration, ERP & Supply Chain Management, Web & Mobile App Development, ECommerce & Mobile Commerce, Cyber Security solutions, and others.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our enterprise mobility services help equip your business with solutions that your customers will love. We take a holistic approach in developing software where we strategically lay down clearly defined objectives, converge with existing business processes, analyse security & compliance aspects, develop on scalable platforms, provide mobile app maintenance support, distribute through various channels, and build mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with existing backend processes and systems.

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 Enterprise Mobility Solutions 

 Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management

Large data across a range of platforms make it difficult for businesses to identify and track important information. Our enterprise content management strategies help you capture, store, process, and assess data to stay competitive in your industry. Better management of content has several benefits such as making informed decisions, minimizing risks associated with lost data, greater engagement with customers, maximizing investment in various marketing channels, increasing efficiency by optimizing business processes, and constant assessment of business objectives to respond to changing needs.

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Enterprise Cloud Computing

Big organizations are rapidly making use of the resource-ready and powerful cloud computing platforms. With cloud computing in place, your business applications will benefit from quicker responses as your needs and users grow, adaptive resource allocations with great security, reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs, and centralised IT infrastructure that is scalable in every way. We have deployed hundreds of applications on some of the major cloud infrastructures such as Amazon, RedHat, Google, Heroku and others.

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 Enterprise Cloud Computing

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