Jordon’s Climb for Awareness

We started off with Jordon Milroy creating a simple site that allowed him to make quick and easy updates on his progress. We are current sponsors of Jordon’s climb for awareness program where Jordon challenges himself to climb to new heights. One of his recent achievements was climbing the sky tower. Jordon has a cerebral palsy disorder which makes it difficult to achieve such challenges. He hopes to create awareness among the public to fund-raise and provide wheelchairs for those in need.

We met Jordon and discussed his project needs, his likes & dislikes and gave him an initial run through of what the website would look like. After agreeing on various placements and design, we started coding using WordPress as our base platform. We had to set up a gallery feature, scrolling blog posting section and the ability to post his success in various climbs. After final few revisions, his brand new website was made public to his 2k fan base on Facebook. It was a success for both Jordon and our team at Jonah & Associates.

Check out Jordon Milroy’s website!

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